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About Bulgarian bee

Honey – the true liquid gold. Honey collected with the tireless work of our bees. The work which we respect. The work which achieve perfection….

Inspired by the mother Nature and our million small creatures, hardly working to save the world, we have created our perfection – “Bulgarian Bee” honey.

Bulgarian Bee, a registered trade mark of “Bulgarian Nuts” Ltd., a manufacturer, processor and exporter of natural, raw, organic and non-pasteurized honey from the virgin forests of Bulgaria (European Union). We are certified USDA 100% Organic (US NOP), IFS, HACCP, FDA

Why choose us?

We supply the highest quality organic honey such as lavender, linden, black forest (honeydew), wildflower, acacia, chestnut, thyme, canola and bee pollen to our satisfied clients from all over the world. All of this types are unique in flavor, color, texture, and quantity due to location, weather, and floral source.

Furthermore our mono-floral honeys are extracted by cold pressing methods. Also all the honeys we produce are raw, unfiltered, unheated, without added sugar, without additives, without GMO, without pasteurization, nothing artificial. Because of this processes our honey`s preserves the natural aroma, nutritional value, and finest taste of the world. The result is pure 100% natural product for you to enjoy….

Even more our organic and natural products are available for wholesale and bulk purchases in various packing, weight and with private labels.



About Us

9 “Aheloy” str., Okorsh, Bulgaria
Phohe: +359 (886) 31 73 78

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