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What Is Honeydew (Black Forest) Honey?


The Black Forest Honey is separated by some insect species harbored on the leaves of plants that produce "Honeydew" - Strandzha oak (Quercus hartwissiana)

Of the places where the insects make samples for extraction of mildew, long separated juice. After falling into the digestive system nutrients from it, not separated completely through the urinary system, and some of them remain in the body of the insect and are absorbed by it.
Nectar honey is derived from nectar of plants that bees eat. Honeydew is rich in water - is about 60% of the substances contained in it. It is rich in sugars, including sucrose and fructose. They are distinguished by high-molecular sugars, conducive to the crystallization.
Four to six times more are dextrin in honey dew unlike those in nectar honey. The honey of mildew their effect is inversely related to the crystallization process melitsitoza.
Dextrin are easily absorbed by the bees, which, thanks to special enzymes that break them into simple sugars.
The hallmark of honeydew honey is the high percentage of amino acids - arginine, cysteine, glycine, histidine, lysine, methionine and aspartic acid and glutamic acid.

The minerals in precious honey dew for about two times more than nectar into honey. In honeydew honey detect and acids, typical of nectar - malic, tartaric, citric, oxalic. Most absorbency of this kind of bee products is another feature distinguishing it from the nectar of honey. The high absorbency determines rapid absorption of moisture from the environment and rapidly turned sour honey.
Due to the high mineral content of bee product manna is not only nutritious, but at a higher price than nectar honey.

For extraction of honey dew is necessary that heavily parasitized aphids deciduous species that feed on mildew on their leaves. Where they make a break for mana, long after that separates precious liquid. Parasites back on the list adopted elixir before that it enriched with enzymes.
Bees collect enriched with enzymes mildew, process it, and it produces healing.



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