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  • Organic+Honey+Acacia
  • Organic+Honey+Acacia
  • Organic+Honey+Acacia
Organic Honey Acacia

Premium Acacia Honey from Bulgaria
Qualities: Organic & Natural
Raw, not pasteurized and pure, free from antibiotics, no additives, no GMO.
Packing Size: 275 grams (212 ml), 450 grams (370 ml), 900 grams (720 ml)

Our bees collect acacia honey from hundreds of hectares of acacia forests located in a protected for its biodiversity area. This premium quality product tastes like White ball acacia.
It does not affect allergies and hay fever due to its low pollen content.

Recommended for:
• Hemoglobin increase
• Stress relief
• Brain activity boost

For bulk, wholesale and retail purchases, email us at enquiries@bulgarianbee.com.


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