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  • Organic+Honeycomb+Acacia
  • Organic+Honeycomb+Acacia
Organic Honeycomb Acacia

Our Honeycoms are hand cutted and packaged from the beekeeper.
The BulgarianBee most authentic honeycomb and honey product is collected from our own apiaries in Nort-East of Bulgaria. Our 100% Raw Honeycomb is freshly cut from bee hive frames, so you’re always getting honey in its purest and most natural form. HONEYCOMB: Bees uses wax to build honeycombs. Wax is produced in their wax glands. The glands are essentially modified cells of the chitinous membrane. The formation of wax in the glands is due to the constant and intensive feeding of young bees with honey and pollen and constant rearing of brood. The formed amount of liquid wax is filtered through the pores of the glands and comes to their surface. The beeswax is extremely clean and resistant to the environment. It has a uniform color, smells of honey, has no taste, and does not stick to teeth when chewed. It can be dissolved only in essential oils at a temperature of 60-70 degrees. The quality of our products is tested and produced in a virgin acacia forests far from any urbanization. Our bees were never fed with any sugars, syrups or additives - everything is absolutely authentic.


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